MYSTERY WIRE — A man who was stolen as a baby 55 years ago has been found living in Michigan.

Back in 2013, 8NewsNow reported the astonishing tale about a Henderson man, Paul Fronczak, who discovered through a DNA test that he wasn’t the person he always thought he was.

The real Paul Fronczak was kidnapped from a Chicago hospital in 1964 by a mysterious woman who was dressed as a nurse.

That set off the largest manhunt in Chicago history. But the baby was never found and the kidnapper was never caught.

2015 story: Paul Fronczak’s true identity revealed, 50-year-old mystery solved

The I-Team set up a Facebook page to accept clues about the case, and our coverage prompted the FBI to reopen the case.

Sources familiar with the investigation say an announcement is expected as soon as Thursday.

We can tell you the adult Paul Fronczak is living in Michigan and has been made aware of his real identity.

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