MYSTERY WIRE — Is there a serial killer traveling the nation’s highways while working as a long haul trucker? A nine-year-old missing persons case raised that chilling possibility.

Police and the FBI are still looking for answers to solve the April 13, 2011 disappearance of Patrick Carnes.

In 2011 and 2012 Mystery Wire’s George Knapp investigated.

MYSTERY HIGHWAY – Part 1 – aired 7/10/2011

MYSTERY HIGHWAY – Part 2 – aired 7/11/2011

MYSTERY HIGHWAY – Part 3 – aired 2/13/2012

Mystery Wire spoke with Patrick’s younger son Jim this week. He said his father’s disappearance remains a mystery. He still speaks with investigators about the case, but to date Patrick Carnes and his dog Lucky have not been found or seen.

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