Mystery of the ‘screaming’ mummies finally solved


MYSTERY WIRE (AP) — Her mouth hangs open, forever stuck in a scream. And now the secrets of this ancient mummy have been revealed.

Egypt’s famed archaeologist Zahi Hawass and Dr. Sahar Saleem, a radiologist in Cairo University, have studied the body of the so-called ‘screaming woman mummy’.

She was found in 1881 in Deir el-Bahari at Luxor, where the priests of the 21st and 22nd Dynasties hid royal members from previous Dynasties to protect them from grave robbers.

Another ‘screaming’ mummy was also found there – a male. But the two figures suffered very different fates.

“It was a mystery for everyone, who could be this lady? The lady is turning her head to the right and her leg is bending,” says Hawass.

“We found out that this lady, she had thrombosis in her legs, the blood was everywhere and suddenly she had a heart attack that she screamed and died while she was turning her head to the right and her leg was bending. The screaming mummy is a major important discovery and we found out that this mummy is for a princess, her name was Meret Amun.”

The story of the male mummy is an even darker tale.

CT scans and DNA proved that it belongs to Prince Pentawere, son of King Ramses III and the study states that he was forced to commit suicide by hanging as a punishment for his involvement in the killing of his father.

“The first mummy of the boy, we found out that he died in the age of 18 and we have a papyri called the “Harem Conspiracy”. The second wife of Ramses III and his son Pentawere tried to kill him,” explains Hawass.

“The mummy is not mummified and also covered with goat skin and goat skin was dirty for the ancient Egyptian and this is a sign of hell because he killed his father, Ramses III.”

21st century technology has solved mysteries that are thousands of years old.

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