North Pole has moved 30 miles since last year


Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

MYSTERY WIRE — Everyone knows Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. But if the world keeps changing, he might someday have trouble finding his way home.

That’s because the magnetic North Pole is moving toward Siberia — and away from Canada — at a rate of 30 miles per year, according to an article on

It’s the fastest shift since the mid-16th century, scientists say.

There has even been speculation that the Northern Lights might shift.

And then, concerns about the safety of navigation in changing conditions. And ultimately, there is concern about the possibility of the north and south poles “flipping” someday.

Earth’s magnetic field is created by the movement of iron, which is in liquid form in the hot layer 1,800 miles below the planet’s surface.

Scientists cite various reasons for the pole’s movements, but they believe the rapid changes of late are happening because of a jet stream near the top of the planet.

The South Pole hasn’t moved, scientists say.

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