Paul Fronczak now looking for missing twin sister

Paul Fronczak

Paul Fronczak found out that he had a twin sister, who has not been located.

MYSTERY WIRE — A Nevada man is asking for help from the public in solving a 56-year-old mystery. It’s a missing persons case that could also be a murder.

Paul Fronczak gained international attention when the KLAS-TV I-Team first reported his story back in 2013. He learned via a DNA test that he wasn’t Paul Fronczak after all.

Since then, he’s discovered he had a twin sister, but she vanished.

Everything Paul Fronczak thought he knew about himself turned out to be untrue when he received the results of home DNA tests back in 2012. It set him on a quest to find out what became of the real Paul Fronczak, a newborn baby kidnapped from a Chicago hospital in 1964 and to find his biological family. He also wanted to find out why someone abandoned him on a New Jersey sidewalk in 1966. These ventures have proven painful and have produced other mysteries.

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“We were able to find out who was actually my biological family,” Fronczak said. “All the dark, really tragic things that happened when I was in that situation before I was abandoned.”

His name at birth was Jack Rosenthal. Both of the parents have since died, but other family members confirmed Jack and his siblings were abused and neglected as kids. He also learned he’d been kept in a cage with his twin sister Jill.

“Everything I’ve heard from other members of my family, pretty much made it clear to me that me and my twin sister Jill were abused, neglected, and ultimately I was abandoned,” Fronczak said during a recent interview. “And if she wasn’t murdered by them, then she’s still out there.”

Paul Fronczak in 1966, and today
Paul Fronczak in 1966, and today

Fronczak tried to connect with his living siblings but they rejected all contact. He searched previous residences, dug holes looking for bones, and even used ground penetrating radar in the belief that his sister Jill had been killed and buried. But no trace was found.

The story of his search was chronicled in a book, The Foundling, and in our new interview, he shared an artist’s version of what his sister Jill might look like, assuming she too might have been abandoned somewhere and grew up not knowing her true identity.

When asked if that part of the quest is still alive and open, Fronczak said the question of where the quest for Jill is ongoing and he wasn’t going to stop until he finds her. 

Fronczak has made considerable progress on the other quest – the search for the kidnapped baby.

The I-Team reported in December 2019 that a man living in rural Michigan had been matched through DNA to the missing Fronczak.

A news team from our affiliate WGN in Chicago followed the trail to the town of Manton,  Michigan where they tracked down and spoke to Kevin Baty, whose family members suspected he might be the missing Fronczak.

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When their DNA tests leaked out, various investigators including the FBI, came to believe that Baty was the biological Paul Fronczak. Baty spoke to WGN but asked them to keep his name private because he was struggling with cancer.

WGN agreed with the request. In Nevada, Paul Fronczak also honored that request and still won’t confirm that Baty was Fronczak, but he did confirm biological Paul was alive as of a year ago and told us the Fronczak baby did reach out to his long-suffering mother, Dora Fronczak.

Fronczak said, “He actually talked to my mom, they actually talked to quite a few times. And unfortunately, he passed away. “

Kevin Baty died in April. The Fronczak family sent condolences after his passing.

Paul Fronczak said he has some solid leads on who kidnapped the Fronczak baby but is still trying to crack that mystery.

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