Peeping ‘Bigfoot’ encounter gaining attention


(Image: Facebook — Scott Yeoman and Expedition: Bigfoot)

MYSTERY WIRE — Imagine walking through your home and not only being repulsed by the smell but also seeing what appears to be a set of black large animal eyes staring at you through the window. This is exactly what a Colorado couple says happened to them.

Scott Yeoman says he took the series of images at his home back in August of 2017, but it’s only now more people are taking interest in their encounter.

Yeoman says he and his wife were walking from the back of their home to the front living room when they smelled what he described as a very harsh odor, “It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement. I caught glimpse of something moving outside the window from the corner of my eye.”

Being that the couple live in bear country, Yoeman’s initial thinking was it must be a bear looking at them. But when he moved closer he thought something else was staring him down. 

“When I realized it wasn’t a bear, fear struck me hardcore,” he wrote. “I used a cheap Kodak sport digital camera for taking pics and for the most part it takes fast action pictures/video.”

Yoeman said he did keep a gun in the home and went to grab it, but by the time he returned the animal had run off into the woods. This is when he called the local police. Three officers did show up and initially all of them said it was a bear. But after looking through the pictures two officers weren’t so sure, according to Yoeman.

So now it’s up to the public to decide what is seen in the images. Yoeman said, “There’s the story behind the photos … I hope people can find something in here to benefit them if they are dealing with one too.”

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