‘Sasquatch’ explores slew of California killings and Bigfoot sightings


MYSTERY WIRE — In the early 1990s, journalist David Holthouse was hanging out at a Northern California pot farm when an associate arrived and reported a wild story: three men had been murdered at a neighboring pot farm by a bigfoot.

Decades later, a new Hulu docuseries follows Holthouse as he tracks down the story and uncovers something far darker, deeper and deadlier than he ever imagined. The journey to explore what really happened became so dangerous, executive producer Mark Duplass and Director Joshua Rofé and their team had to constantly re-assess the risks and avoid genuinely dangerous territory.

Duplass and Rofé said they had no idea what they were getting into when they started the project.

“The thing that David (Holthouse) said to me towards the end of this that really got me was when he said, ‘You know, when I went up there and started asking people about this triple homicide in the early ’90s, I was expecting to get tons of lore and that everyone would know that story. And the answer I got was, ‘Which one?'” said Duplass. “It was really eye-opening to me to feel a sort of visceral darkness and danger of this place and how many unsolved murders and crimes and some of the, honestly, deep racism and divide up there in that area was kind of shocking. And so … it was a pivot here from, you know, ‘Whoa, this really fun, almost Coen brothers-esque, ‘Fargo,’ dark, quirky story’ into something else.”

As Holthouse dug deeper and got closer to figuring out who was responsible for the murders, Rofé said everyone’s safety was a daily concern and discussion.

“There was this overwhelming feeling of, ‘We cannot stay someplace for too long. We cannot overstay our welcome.’ But just the nature of setting foot there in the first place, we were sort of overstaying our welcome,” he said. “You were on high alert at all times, and sometimes choices were made to not pursue a lead because it was just it was so obvious that to do so would be wildly irresponsible.”

The three-episode “Sasquatch” is now on Hulu.

The Associate Press contributed to this report.

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