Ship lost in Bermuda Triangle reported found 94 years later

SS Cotopaxi Bermuda Triangle

MYSTERY WIRE — Researchers report they have found the wreckage of the SS Cotopaxi, a ship lost to the legendary Bermuda Triangle 94 years ago.

USA Today reports that the Science Channel will document the search for the Cotopaxi in a Feb. 9 program, “Shipwreck Secrets.” The merchant ship is named for a volcano in Ecuador.

Marine biologist shipwreck explorer Michael Barnette told USA TODAY the special will show that the Cotopaxi rests off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida at a site known for decades as the “Bear Wreck.”

USA Today

The site is about 35 miles off the Florida coast.

Newsweek reports the ship was en route from Charleston, South Carolina, to Havana, Cuba. Previous reports that the ship had been found have been dismissed as hoaxes.

Barnette found that the ship had signaled May Day, and researchers are learning more about the possible reasons for the loss of the Cotopaxi:

Newsweek’s in-depth report: Ship that mysteriously vanished in Bermuda Triangle almost a century ago discovered

A famous scene from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” shows the Cotopaxi sticking out of the sand in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

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