MYSTERY WIRE — Over the course of just a few days, two strange objects were found in the desert southwest in the United States.

One discovery happened in north-central Arizona. According to reports, a large metal object fell from the sky in a remote area of Dennehotso, a community about 25 miles east of Kayenta. It crashed around midday on November 18.

Navajo Nation Council Delegate Nate Brown shared a picture of the object on his Facebook page writing “My chapter officials reported that this fell from the sky between Dennehotso abs Rock Point. Navajo Nation police did receive the report so they’re checking on it right now. No one was hurt.”

A police spokesperson described the object as a satellite. But this object was also attached to parachutes.

Police said the unidentified object was released to employees from a company called Polar Field Services. This company has not responded to any inquiries.

From the company website, it is based in Colorado and specializes in providing logistics and support for expeditions to locations in extreme climates.

Speculation online is that this was attached to a high-altitude weather balloon this company is known to use.

A separate discovery to the north somewhere in Utah still has people speculating what it is.

UPDATE: Crowds already showing up at monolith

The Utah Highway Patrol was recently assisting in a bighorn sheep count, using one of its helicopters. While flying someone in the helicopter noticed something shiny sticking out of the desert.

The helicopter landed and the people on board went to find out what it was. What they found was a large metal monolith sticking out of the hard desert ground.

Comments from the UHP in other reporting indicate it appeared to have been buried into the sand and was sticking out a little over 10 feet.

At this time the UHP is not disclosing the location of the object and has not speculated on its origin.