Strange sea creature pulled from Atlantic Ocean

Skate Ray

MYSTERY WIRE — A bizarre looking sea creature was pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean by a Coney Island fisherman, and witnesses can’t figure out what it is.

The creature seems to be composed of parts that don’t belong together, including a single appendage that looks like a tentacle.

A report posted by Unilad, a British website, compared the creature to the “Stranger Things” sea monster known as a slimy Demogorgon:

Mystery Of ‘Stranger Things’ three-legged sea monster solved

Unilad quotes a marine animal expert from the Ocean Conservation Trust:

Our marine experts here at the Ocean Conservation Trust have taken a look at the video and without seeing the animal first hand it is of course tricky to identify 100%. However, from what we can see, it does appear to be an underdeveloped skate.

Apparently the skate — a type of sea ray — has folded itself, and it is likely writhing in pain from the fish hook.

Could there be other creatures in nature we have not yet discovered? Of course, biologists say. The oceans have barely been explored.

A skate ray. (Wikimedia Commons)

But in this particular place, the animal’s behavior is what fooled everyone. The animal’s defense to the fish hook made it nearly unrecognizable.

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