The pyramid of North Dakota


Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in North Dakota

MYSTERY WIRE — Could a location in far northern North Dakota, near the Canadian border, be headquarters for the Illuminati? Some people think it is.

The reason this extremely rural site gets attention is because it is home to the Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard Complex. Or at least it’s home to what was the Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard Complex.

Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in North Dakota (Photo:

During the Cold War, the United States government approved the construction of a military facility designed to detect incoming Soviet missiles. This became the pyramid structure in northern North Dakota.

Its official history is rather short. The main building is the pyramid and cost taxpayers around $500 million at the time. The complex became fully operational on October 1, 1975 after several months of preparation, but then promptly shut down 24 hours later. This is not a typo. This half-billion dollar project was in full operation for 1 day, leading conspiracy theorists to run wild with reasons for its real purpose and what it was then being used for after it closed.

Medium reported the complex was officially decommissioned 5 months after the U.S. House of Representatives deemed it ineffective and voted to decommission the project on October 2, 1975.

The complex was deactivated a few months later on February 10, 1976. For years it has sat unused and from the few photographs on-line of the interior, mostly empty. Then, in December 2012, it was purchased by the Spring Creek Hutterite Colony of Forbes, North Dakota, at auction for $530,000.

The Hutterite’s are described as a communal Christian Anabaptist society of more than 50,000 people mainly living in the upper Great Plains of the United States and in the neighboring Prairie Provinces of Canada.

One of the conspiracy theories about its true purpose is it being the headquarters for the Illuminati, a secret historical society that has been greatly fictionalized over the years.

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