The Weekly World News adventures of Bat Boy might return to store shelves soon


MYSTERY WIRE — Do you remember the story of Bat Boy? How about the time aliens abducted cheerleaders or when a redneck vampire attacked a trailer park? If you do, then you will be interested to know the Weekly World News might return to the checkout isle at your grocery store soon.

The company is looking for $50,000 from a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to relaunch its newsgathering, reporting, graphics and video capabilities.

The Weekly World News was a tabloid newspaper style magazine which published questionable-at-best news stories in the United States from 1979 to 2007.

Its cover stories became well known for being based on supernatural or paranormal themes. It was mainly printed all in black and white and today, some of its more famous covers have become pop-culture art.

The print version of Weekly World News stopped in August 2007.

In 2009, Weekly World News was relaunched as an online and social media publication. The current editor-in-chief is Greg D’Alessandro.

Now, there is a new effort by D’Alessandro to bring it back by being funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

According to the company, the campaign will begin Monday, September 21, 2020.

In a news release about the Kickstarter campaign, the company is described as follows:

Weekly World News — “The World’s Only Reliable News” — offers the highest quality investigative journalism on the planet. Weekly World News began as a weekly print publication in 1683 (or was it 1979 – we forget), shedding light on unreported events for millions of devoted truth seekers. Weekly World News is the authority on aliens, mutants, cryptids (look it up!), conspiracy theories, biblical prophecies, health cures, crazy tech and wayward politicians. It has published well over 100,000 articles profiling a wide array of events and thousands of unusual beings. Seeking to minimize its environmental footprint, Weekly World News transitioned to a mostly online format and recently relaunched under new leadership.
Editor-In-Chief Greg D’Alessandro commented, “For more than 40 years, Weekly World News has covered stories the mainstream media has ignored, suppressed or were afraid to take on. Stories that capture the imagination, stir the soul, allow people to wonder, to dream — or to scream! With a record number of people feeling lost, confused and yearning to know why there are itty bitty elephants in their soup, Weekly World News will provide the answers!”
Weekly World News is the only publication in the world(s) to cover the exploits of Bat Boy, Manigator, The Lake Erie Monster, Ph.D. Ape, P’Lod the Alien, SpyCat, Bigfoot Hooker and many other beings. Tammy Pescatelli, veteran comedian and crack investigative reporter, has joined the Weekly World News team and will be scouring the earth to dig into feature stories and mysteries in her “News from a Broad” column.

Source: Weekly World News news release

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