Editor’s note: The second in a series of reports on strange mysteries with connections to Christmas. Watch for more, concluding on Christmas Eve.

MYSTERY WIRE — A 1964 Christmas morning encounter with “The Thing” started what would become a flood of reports about UFOs and “sonic attacks” in Warminster England.

A woman reported a “crackling” noise that got louder and eventually passed over her head, although she never saw what created the sounds. Other people reported incidents the same day, including sounds of pounding on the roof of a house, twigs scraping roof tiles and noises like “giant hailstones.”

The report, written by newspaperman Arthur Shuttlewood, wasn’t even a front-page story in the small town, but similar reports of sightings began to echo the Christmas morning report.

In 1965, reports of metallic orbs, saucers and “cigar-shaped” ships became more frequent. A pulsing sound was a consistent detail in the reports.

Shuttlewood went on to compile reports and write books. As more reports appeared in the popular Daily Mirror newspaper, Warminster became known as a hotspot for UFO activity.

Reports as recent at 2017, this time attributed to sonic booms, have kept the topic fresh.