Weird has been declassified — a look at strange investigations

cattle mutilation

Photos of cattle mutilations. (KLAS-TV)

MYSTERY WIRE — Cattle mutilations, UFOs and remote viewing have produced some of the strangest stories ever, and the documents that reveal details are often kept secret for years. But as information is declassified, it provides a look inside real cases that the government investigated.

Mystery Wire has written about many of these cases, and we are continuing to work to bring more out of our archive, which contains more than 30 years of reports. And many of these stories are ongoing. Stay tuned for more.

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Here is Ranker’s list, along with some links to stories that continue to fascinate us:

  1. Soviet researchers allegedly used rabbits to telepathically communicate with submarines
  2. ‘Acoustic Kitty’ was a CIA project that tried to use cats as listening devices — this got a mention in our story about an even more bizarre plan to nuke the moon.
  3. The NSA ANT catalog provides easy access to cyber surveillance tech
  4. The CIA allegedly used Operation Mockingbird to spy on journalists for propaganda purposes
  5. Clandestine documents reveal an FBI inquest into mysterious cattle mutilations — Mystery Wire continues to cover cattle mutilations … here’s our most recent story.
  6. The ‘Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process’ examined altered states of consciousness and astral projection — see our in-depth interview with a former military intelligence officer deeply involved in investigations on topics like this.
  7. Operation LAC sprayed a potentially hazardous chemical over much of the country
  8. In one document, the crews of two F-4s describe an unexplainable UFO encounter
  9. Starfish Prime detonated an atomic device in orbit, knocked out power in Hawaii, and left radiation belts around Earth
  10. Operation unthinkable could have led to a different ending for WWII
  11. Documents from engineer Roger Boisjoly predicted the ‘Challenger’ disaster
  12. The Stargate project investigated the psychic phenomenon of remote viewing — our most recent story here.

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