WWI battleship wreckage found on bottom of Atlantic

Scharnhorst WWI

MYSTERY WIRE — The moment of discovery produced a lot of smiles as scientists declared they found one of the most famous German warships from World War I.

When it sank on Dec. 8, 1914, the German battlecruiser Scharnhost was trying to take on a larger British naval force off the Falkland Islands. More than 800 crew were aboard the Scharnhorst when it was sunk along with eight other German warships.

A look at the history of the wreckage and the battle that sent it to the bottom of the ocean is on livescience.com’s “Famous World War I battleship discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic.”

Expedition leader Mensun Bound, a marine archaeologist, described the joy of finding the ship in this statement:

The moment of discovery was extraordinary. We are often chasing shadows on the seabed, but when the Scharnhorst first appeared in the data flow, there was no doubt that this was one of the German fleet.

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