Yeti? Monkey? God? Or just a tourism campaign gone terribly wrong?

Yeti statues Nepal

MYSTERY WIRE — Nepal is embroiled in an argument over the Yeti.

A tourism campaign featuring cartoonish statues — big ones, 7 feet tall — has upset all sorts of people, and the government has pulled the plug for now. Coast to Coast AM has been following the story:

READ: Nepal nixes controversial Yeti campaign

The first complaint from people in Nepal surrounded the appearance of the statues. They look more like sumo wrestlers than a Yeti, people said. Others said the statues seemed to depict monkeys.

The Nepali Times offered this video explaining the controversy under the headline, “Love it or hate it, it’s abominable.”

But the religious community’s complaint probably carried more weight. Deities painted on some of the Yeti statues soon became the subject of intense criticism, as they turned the statues into an object of worship.

“Many people have begun to worship the figures as deities, but the Yeti is a mystical beast (and) this has damaged the religious feelings of the people,” a heritage activist named Ganapati Lal Shrestha told one media outlet in Kathmandu.

The figures reportedly cost $4,500 each, but the campaign is done, and the government has already ordered about two dozen locations to remove the statues.

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