Baby brains and consciousness: A code we can’t seem to crack


(Image by John Hain from Pixabay)

MYSTERY WIRE — Did you ever think that babies might be aware of their surroundings, but they might not be conscious? Do you know the difference between consciousness and meta-consciousness?

Academic discussion can lead over the edge pretty quickly. It’s like listening to people speaking a different language.

At the root of the confusion? We just don’t know much about this thing we call consciousness.

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Back to our first question … what can we learn from studying infant consciousness? A 2013 article looked at brain activity in infants, but concluded that the biology of learning doesn’t seem to surface in electrical patterns of the brain.

And seven years later, we’re still asking very basic questions … and not coming up with many answers. Maybe the answers aren’t even available in biology. Maybe we don’t know the right questions to ask about consciousness.

It’s almost like we haven’t even developed the right language to talk about it yet.

Some scientists are looking toward quantum mechanics in their search for understanding.

More reading: Consciousness and its place in nature, (David J. Chalmers, 1925)

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