Can organ transplants transfer donor’s soul?


About 6% of patients who receive organ transplants experience episodes of what medical science can only describe as “cellular memory.” The phenomenon involves personality changes or cravings attributed to characteristics of the person who donated the organ.

Some people believe the neurons present in the donated organs transfer experiences and preferences of the donor.

In one famous case, a patient named Claire Sylvia picked up cravings for beer and McDonald’s chicken nuggets following a heart transplant. The donor was reported to be an 18-year-old man who died in a motorcycle accident. Sylvia, in her book “A Change of Heart,” said the cravings came from “Tim L.,” the donor.

Sylvia died 10 years ago at 69, living with the transplanted heart for 21 years.

An article from Mysterious Universe runs down Sylvia’s case and 12 others that suggest cellular memory might be a very real phenomenon. The article explores whether the donor’s soul comes into play in an organ transplant.

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