Cast of psychological horror ‘Kindred’ reveal if they believe in the supernatural


MYSTERY WIRE — “Kindred” is a movie that can’t be easily pigeon-holed. It follows the internal and external torment of Charlotte (Tamara Lawrance) – a pregnant woman on the brink of starting a new life in Australia with her fiancé.

When he is tragically killed in an accident, she finds herself living with her would be mother-in-law (Fiona Shaw) and friend (Jack Lowden) who find various ways to trap her so she is incapable of leaving.

Charlotte is held captive by the family in their spooky old mansion, and by her own body as she was always unsure about the pregnancy.

Lawrance says she thinks that “Kindred” is more of a “thriller” than anything else, which is lucky as she is easily scared.

“Secretly I am a complete wuss when it comes to horror, I’m sort of watch a horror movie in the daytime with the lights on, with my laptop so I can pause it and just close my laptop and say no at any point. Which is why for me, I like to believe that I’m in more of a thriller because, because what would it be like to go and watch yourself back and be absolutely terrified?” she said, speaking virtually from her home in London.

Actor Jack Lowden, who also acts as a producer on the movie, agrees with Lawrance that the movie is more of a “psychological thriller” – but adds that is fun to “play with subtleties” of genre.

And does he personally believe in the supernatural?

“I don’t believe in ghosts. But if I’m ever sort of lying in bed or in a darkened room and it’s one of those things that is soon as soon as someone says it to you, as soon as the thought comes into your head, ‘what if someone’s in the room?’ Then I will keep my eyes shut,” he said.

Unlike her castmates, “Harry Potter”‘s Fiona Shaw isn’t scared and says she would be “fascinated to meet a ghost of any kind.”

“Kindred” is screening in select theaters in the US and will be available digitally and via VOD on November 6.

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