Exorcist casts demons out of Oregon man as reporter watches


James Cloud’s YouTube channel.

A man who says he has had “the sight” since age 4 performed an exorcism on an Oregon man in September as a reporter from CBS affiliate KOIN watched.

James Cloud, a licensed counselor and leader in the Advent Catholic Church in Medford, Oregon, has been kicked out of the Anglican church for exorcisms, but he refused to stop “because it would mean ignoring a huge part of his faith,” according to KOIN’s report.

Sitting on the ground behind Brent Goodrich in a Golden, Oregon, church, Cloud read from a book, “The Rite of Exorcism,” and eventually shouts, “Back! In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, leave this man alone!”

Read the full account of the event here.

Cloud mixes his roles as counselor and exorcist, drawing on his training in substance abuse treatment and recovery. He told KOIN it helps in recognizing demonic possessions.

Cloud was interviewed on “Beyond Reality” radio in July, 2018. Listen here.

Cloud also has his own YouTube channel.

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