Ghosts in the machine: The Matrix and our glimpses at reality


MYSTERY WIRE — In one world view, the people who see ghosts are far more in touch with reality than the automatons who trudge through their daily lives denying there are such things.

Enter Cucalorus, a festival founded in 1994 that has been recognized as “One of the Coolest Film Festivals in the World” for three years in a row. This year, Dr. Curry Guinn and Dr. Julian Keith presented a distinctly movie-like scenario: “You’re in the Matrix, you just don’t know it.

Ghosts, ESP and coincidences may be the only hints — like deja vu in “The Matrix” series — that there is room for variation in the simulated lives we are leading.

Guinn, a professor of computer science at University of North Carolina Wilmington and Keith, a memory researcher who co-founded the MARS Memory Health Network, explore the Matrix from an academic perspective. Our senses are our interface with the world, and they translate a bare minimum of information that’s available.

The limits of biology to adapt quickly to a changing world around us leaves us vulnerable. As described on the website

That makes us vulnerable to technology and its algorithms. “How do you hack a mind with eyeballs and ears? Show it something that grabs its attention, something colorful and bright. Give it some social reward. Nothing pays off more than attention from someone else.”

WRAL Tech Wire

Where is all of this headed? Manipulation by outside forces that know how to keep us focused on the shiny object. Companies may have already learned how to manipulate our actions without us ever knowing.

A very Vegas angle:

What causes addiction is rewards that release dopamine on an intermittent variable response schedule. You don’t win at the slot machine every time. You don’t get likes or comments on Facebook every time you post and you don’t always see the right entertaining cat video.

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If that’s not frightening enough, Guinn suggests — and this isn’t the first time it’s been suggested — we may already be living in a computer simulation.

Humans are ill-equipped to live in a world where technology is advancing so quickly.

Another take on our simulate lives, “Ghosts could be a sign the universe is just a simulation” is online at mysterious

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