Goldfield ghost story describes a bad situation that’s now worse


The Goldfield Hotel. (KLAS-TV)

MYSTERY WIRE — It’s a story that you want to be true: A ghost terrorizing its killer until the murderer confesses and the price is paid, and some measure of peace restored to the dead.

Far less than a happy ending, but it does appeal to a sense of justice.

Stories like this were recently compiled in a report on Mysterious Universe. They reminded us of a ghost story in Goldfield, Nevada, that violates everything about a sense of justice.

The Goldfield Hotel was a palace in its heyday when the mining town boomed. It was described as the most spectacular hotel in Nevada when it opened — a time when Goldfield was the biggest city in the state. Today, the building is a shell, standing in silence over U.S. Highway 95 in Esmeralda County.

Inlaid tile at the Goldfield Hotel. (KLAS-TV)

Local legend says it is home to at least two ghosts. One is a prostitute who died in the hotel, possibly during childbirth. The other is the ghost of George Wingfield, who fathered the same child.

An excerpt from an article in Route Magazine describes the dark circumstances:

This rumor may provide insight into the Goldfield Hotel’s most famous specter, Elizabeth, said to have been a prostitute favored by George Wingfield, who became pregnant. Rather than facing the shame of the affair coming out, Wingfield locked Elizabeth to a radiator in room 109, providing food and drink until the child was born. It is not decided whether Elizabeth died in childbirth or was killed, but all accounts are certain that Wingfield disposed of the child, hurling it into a mine shaft dug around the back of the hotel.

Route Magazine
A radiator in a room at the Goldfield Hotel. (KLAS-TV)

It’s important to note that facts do not corroborate parts of the legend. But if you believe in ghosts, you are left with this reality: the ghost of the prostitute now shares the hotel with the ghost of the man who went on to a prosperous life, even though he played some part in her death.

Not exactly a feel-good story.

See our original report on the Goldfield Hotel from 2000, four years before Zac Bagans visited the location in 2004. A “Ghost Adventures” return trip in 2008 appears to show a brick that flies across a room in the hotel:

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