Halloween costume and display cause chaos for police


MYSTERY WIRE — Halloween costumes and displays are leading police on some strange calls.

In Arlington, TX the police department received several calls of a large gorilla-like creature with five legs walking around.

It turned out it was just a local man who made an elaborate costume for an event he was attending.

On it’s Facebook page the Arlington Police posted this comment and video:

“Did you know that all Arlington Police officers wear body worn cameras that record audio and video of interactions? They capture all kinds of things — and we have decided to start sharing everyday clips featuring routine activities that our officers perform. Digital media isn’t going anywhere and helps bolster trust with the community and police. In this week’s clip, Police Service Assistants (civilian personnel who can respond to non-emergency calls, take reports, do parking enforcement, and help officers with other tasks) Josh Zuniga and Greg Fues were asked to check out reports of an unknown, 7-9 foot tall creature making its way down E. Arkansas Lane. It turned out to be a man testing out his elaborate Halloween costume. Watch the video to see how the PSAs handled this unusual call!”

Arlington, TX Police Department

And in Orlando, a Halloween display at one person’s home is so graphic the police were called multiple times because people thought it was real.

The Orlando Sentinel covered the story this past week.

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