Mother claims girl recorded at man’s grave is her murdered 2-year-old daughter


MYSTERY WIRE — The paranormal social media world is descending on Las Cruces, New Mexico this week. It’s because of a story being told on Facebook by Saundra Gonzales.

Gonzales claims that it is her deceased daughter that can be seen on security video from a Las Cruces cemetery.

Saundra shared still images from the security camera. The camera had been mounted in a tree by the family of a man buried there. The family says the man’s grave had been vandalized and they wanted to record the person responsible.

But instead of capturing an adult vandalizing a gravesite, the camera recorded what appears to be a young girl walking to and stopping at the grave.

A worker at the cemetery said the video showed a girl that looks like a 2-year-old girl who was murdered in 2017 and whose grave is found in the same cemetery.

Saundra Gonzales is the mother of that girl, and according to her, the child seen in the video is her daughter Faviola.

At this time no one is able to give an explanation of the child by the grave other than Gonzales.

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