Mushrooms, UFOs cross paths in a very curious way


MYSTERY WIRE — Consciousness-altering objects have a curious draw for many people, often captivating — even transfixing — those who encounter them.

Stephanie Quick’s blog, “Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box,” takes an unusual look at the phenomenon and draws some parallels that will have you scratching your head, and maybe staring into space.

She suggests that “charisma exerted by non human intelligences” is in fact a form of deep communication involving altered states of consciousness.

In both instances, saucer and mushroom, some people experience a strong attraction to interact with the intelligence which is associated with the outer manifestation. In many cases, this intelligence seems to be pushing for a physical merger – eating the mushroom, entering the saucer – which will allow intimate communication between the human and non-human consciousnesses. This attraction seems to emanate from pure charisma.

Read the full article here: “UFOs, Mushrooms, Mandalas: The Aesthetics of Charisma.”

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