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MYSTERY WIRE — May 3 has been designated National Paranormal Day. It’s not clear who or what group or company made this designation but it appears to have been around for at least 7 or 8 years.

To celebrate this day, spend some time going through the vast array of paranormal stories published here on Mystery Wire.

Below is just a sample of the stories:

Tracie Austin was born in England in the mid 1960s and attended college in London before studying at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as a concert pianist. This is where her interest in UFOs began. Austin says it was here where she witnessed a UFO. By the late 80s she was living in her hometown of Staffordshire teaching piano. This is where she says she had her second daylight sighting of a UFO in the late 90s…

While most of nearby Las Vegas’ major resorts have reopened and the shows along the Las Vegas Strip have come back to life, it’s only a taste of normal in abnormal times. In Death Valley Junction, California it’s another story. One unique hotel, long rumored to be haunted and an opera house are just trying to hang on and it’s a reminder of what could happen. “Imagine a place that’s in the middle of nowhere,” said general manager of the Amargosa Hotel & Opera House Bobbi Fabian…

The housing market is always changing and realtors are always adapting. Now, one real estate company is adapting to cater to someone who wants to sell their home, but first wants to get rid of any paranormal entities. To help owners of “haunted homes” cleanse their property, you can now hire a home exorcist to get rid of bad vibes, ghosts, and demons…

The paranormal social media world is descending on Las Cruces, New Mexico this week. It’s because of a story being told on Facebook by Saundra Gonzales. Gonzales claims that it is her deceased daughter that can be seen on security video from a Las Cruces cemetery…

Ghost hunters have become a staple of cable TV networks, and a favorite target for their investigations is the real-life ghost town of Goldfield, Nevada. The few residents who still live in Goldfield, population of around 250, are trying to turn their other-worldly neighbors into a tourist attraction. One of the attractions and allegedly haunted places is the windswept cemetery outside of town, Goldfield’s own Boot Hill, is testament to the death and tragedy that marred the city’s short tumultuous heyday…

And in case you still need something to occupy your time, check out the Mystery Wire list of favorite paranormal movies.

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