‘On Death and Dying’ had a sequel you might not know about

On Death and Dying

MYSTERY WIRE — Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was named by Time magazine as one of the “100 Most Important Thinkers” of the 20th century, and her lessons on how we deal with death are well known to anyone who has studied psychology.

She died on Aug. 24, 2004. “On Death and Dying” remains an influential book.

She wrote another book that isn’t part of the same curriculum that taught you about the five stages of grief.

Kubler-Ross went on to write, “On Life After Death.” The controversial subject, which included her research on near-death experiences, never gained the notoriety of her earlier work.

The website near-death.com includes an excerpt from her writing about one incident that she described as one of the most interesting near-death experiences she encountered. See the excerpt here.

Her writing approaches the controversy about whether people are aware of their own death. “Scientists say people are aware they’re dead because their consciousness continues to work after the body has stopped showing signs of life.”

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A recent article on Expand Your Consciousness takes up the question, and cites research by Dr. Sam Parnia, an Associate Professor at New York University Langone Medical Center.

The article, which cites U.S. News & World Report’s description, summarizes a four-year study called AWARE (Awareness During Resuscitation):

The brain shuts down within two to 20 seconds after the heart stops, Parnia says, so even when doctors try to revive patients, they don’t usually get enough blood into brain to get it functioning again. And that’s what made the AWARE study turn heads: 39 percent of patients who lived after cardiac arrest could describe a perception of awareness even if they couldn’t recall specific memories.

Parnia’s work documented cases in which people whose hearts were restarted who could describe in detail what took place while they were technically experiencing death.

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