George Knapp: This is an interview for another time about paranormal stuff.

Robbie Williams: Yeah.

Knapp: We’ve got to have a conversation. Your interest in that is real. You are a student of that. A serious student.

Williams: Yeah, that’s another thing that’s been a long-running interest of (mine). I can’t remember not being interested in unusual phenomena. And unusual phenomena has found its way to me several times. And once you see things and once you experience things, then it’s very difficult to not remain interested and inquisitive and want to know what’s real, what isn’t real, why this is happening. What was that? You know, and these are all things that have happened that have happened to me when I’m sober. You know, because the first question that people ask is always, “Oh, yeah, what were you on?” Well, I was sober when lots of these things happened. And they happened, you know, so I carry on being interested. Yes, I am a student as it were of the unusual. And yeah, it’s fascinating and it entertains me and it scares me. And it makes me smile. All of the above.

Knapp: I play your music on Coast to Coast once in a while and I tell the listeners, Robbie Williams listens all the time. He’s one of us. Is that true?

Williams: Coast to Coast, big fan. Have been a member of Coast to Coast for a long time. Yeah, I’ve loved downloading the episodes and listening to them on the planes, listening to them as I fall asleep. That’s where I get entertained. Yeah.

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