Psychoactive drug DMT at heart of research into states of consciousness

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MYSTERY WIRE — Experiments with psychoactive drugs? Are we back in the ’60s?

Dr. Andrew Gallimore sees it as something much different. Gallimore talks about treating psychoactive drugs as a technology that we need to explore.

British-born Gallimore is a neurobiologist, chemist, and pharmacologist interested in the relationship between psychedelic drugs, the brain, consciousness and the structure of reality. He currently works with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.

Following what medicine has learned about anesthesia, Gallimore has experimented with carefully measured delivery of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) over an extended period of time. It’s a complex task to avoid peaks and valleys of the drug’s level as the body metabolizes it.

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Gallimore and Dr. Rick Strassman have been talking about this kind of research since 2015.

“In terms of actually studying the state, taking seriously the idea that these … that the DMT state might actually contain intelligences. Extreme intelligences. Way beyond anything within this universe, perhaps. If we take that idea seriously, I think we should drop this, sometimes, kind of this ‘attractive romanticism’ surrounding DMT.”

Dr. Andrew Gallimore, left, and a slide in his presentation showing Dr. Rick Strassman.

His work is about extending the effect of certain psychoactive drugs to allow the human brain time to get past disorientation and get to exploration. He would like to recruit scientists of different disciplines in order try to bring information back from this altered state of consciousness.

Dr. Andrew Gallimore’s book, “Alien Information Theory.”

Gallimore has a sense of humor about the work, drawing on comparisons to Timothy Leary and addressing the popularity of ayahuasca. And “The Matrix” movies get a reference near the end of is presentation.

“In the future future future, I really do imagine a time where maybe you’re going to lie down in some kind of pod and you will input your journey time, and you’ll set off to the universe next door.”

As he talks about the nutritional and biological waste puzzles to work out during these journeys, he says, “so you can put someone into this machine, into this pod hooked up to the Matrix machine for days or weeks or months or years … We could be in one now!”

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