Pyramid Lake and the Nevada vortex

Pyramid Lake

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Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Located about 30 miles north of Reno/Sparks, Pyramid Lake takes up most of the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. The area is special, not only to its Native American owners but to a certain segment of new agers who gather there once a year in a festival known as The Burning Man.

Just as Sedona is found using a different version of detection method than the roadside attractions, and Orla, Texas is found using all three detection methods, Pyramid Lake reveals itself using two methods. The naked magnet, and the metal wrapped magnet both react to this area of the map. This large area also exists as a culmination point for two different vortex phenomena. First, it is in the northwest section of a large corona that swings around a vortex that has its center close to highway 376 near the community of Carvers, which is about halfway between the towns of Austin and Tonopah, Nevada.

Nevada vortex

This vortex is 270 miles in diameter. Its corona is 45 miles across, and as an aside that will interest some, the outer corona line 315 miles away passes through the town of Pahrump, west of Las Vegas. Pahrump, many will recognize is the home of Art Bell, the beloved late-night radio talk show host, who at the time of this writing is hosting the week end component of the Coast to Coast A.M. radio show. During his shows heard just before this writing he was talking about the massive short wave antennas in his back yard and how they are inexplicably attracting huge amounts of electrical voltage right out of the air. A line started from the main demarcation at the south end of Pyramid lake and drawn southeast off the diameter line at precisely 19.5 degrees ends at the town of Pahrump, Nevada, which is also exactly on the outer corona line. Nineteen and a half degrees, found in a tetrahedron, and originating from a “pyramid” Lake, may cause speculation that perhaps Art’s excess voltage may be in some way connected to all this odd geometry?

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The second aspect of vortex phenomenon regarding Pyramid Lake is that it is the end point of a gigantic spiral that starts near the center of the State of Washington, expands out into the Pacific Ocean, reencounters land in British Columbia, Canada, passes over the outer ring of a large vortex near Carpenter Lake, BC and the town of Gold Bridge, then near the Montana Vortex, before it continues on to Pyramid Lake.

The lake is also the end point and starting point for a pair of large spirals that are connected to the Santa Cruz, California, Mystery Spot. The spirals form a gigantic ∞ between Monterrey Bay, CA and Pyramid lake. These spirals are found by the astonishing act of simply finding certain names of places on ordinary road maps. This information is discussed in starkly specific detail in the book, The Golden Vortex, by Nick Nelson.

There is yet one more ∞ involved with Pyramid Lake as well as Orla, but in the aerial photo it doesn’t stand out. It exists as a counter rotating figure eight, labeled 8 and 13, its center butting up to both sides of the vortex demarcation, a variation of which is found in one form or another in all Fibonacci vortexes.

Pyramid Lake

The ∞ doesn’t show in the photos, but what does appear is a fat, flimy line down the middle of a smaller, half-dry lake nine miles west of the community of Sutcliffe, Nevada on the edge of the Lake. In close-up views the “line” appears like a nondescript fog, but in a view from farther out structures seem to appear out of the fog. This line of things resemble pyramids! There even seems to be a five-sided form reminiscent of the pyramid shape seen near the “face” on Mars, in an area of that planet dubbed, Cydonia. Borrowing from Plato, Richard C. Hoagland on his website, and his books should be consulted for the significance of the tetrahedron and its 19.5 degree importance. He also lists Cydonia’s latitudinal position on Mars as 41 degrees, and Earth’s latitude of Pyramid Lake is plus 40!

Another observation about these three points on a map is that they are all on a straight line one with the others, Sedona in the middle. Another straight line associated with Sedona extends outward from the area to form an X. This line seems to terminate to the south at the head of the Gulf of California, while the northern line stops a little beyond the four corners in the area of Mesa Verde. One can only wonder if this is significant in the mysterious disappearance of the Anascasi indian tribe who once peopled Mesa Verde a little south of Durango, Colorado? No one knows what happened to the Anascasi, but the famous western writer, Louis L’amour, in the plot of one of his last novels, The Haunted Mesa, speculated that the indians escaped the Conquistadors by disappearing through a portal between worlds; a kind of mini black hole … a vortex.

Looking at the X created by these two straight lines, some see a cross, others think maybe an Egyptian Ankh is depicted. The significance of either is as mysterious as any of the other phenomena associated with the lore of these quantum vortexes.

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