Real estate company offering home exorcisms


MYSTERY WIRE — The housing market is always changing and realtors are always adapting. Now, one real estate company is adapting to cater to someone who wants to sell their home, but first wants to get rid of any paranormal entities.

To help owners of “haunted homes” cleanse their property, you can now hire a home exorcist to get rid of bad vibes, ghosts, and demons.

The company providing the connection between home seller and exorcist is

A survey done by asked 5,000 Americans about ” their supernatural beliefs to gauge the impact the paranormal has on selling a property,” a news release stated.

The company claims to have found that 61% of Americans that would not buy a home if they thought it was haunted and 55% believe in ghosts or spirits.

Mystery Wire spoke to owner Kris Lippi who was working from home in Connecticut due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He said the idea came from a client who worried about selling what she thought was a haunted house.

Lippi’s team was able to connect her with an exorcist who then performed the service, leaving the client happy that she believed her home to be free of spirits.

The study done by Lippi’s company also found the following about Americans:

  • 36% reported a paranormal experience
  • 61% would not buy a home if they thought it was haunted
  • A home rumored to be haunted will stay on the market 133 days longer than the average home
  • 27% reported a “harmless” experience with a ghost/spirit, such as items being moved
  • 9% said their paranormal experience was “aggressive,” such as disturbing noises, physical pain, or items being thrown or broken
  • 19% have talked with a psychic or priest about a supernatural event

The company also lists the most haunted states, according to where people report ghost sightings and hauntings. The top ten locations, according to are:

  1. Kansas – Home to Fort Leavenworth, KS is recognised as one of the most haunted military forts in the United States. The apparition of the fort’s Father Fred is known to roam around the chapel.
  2. Massachusetts – Drive down Route 44 near the Seekonk-Rehoboth and prepare to see the Red-Headed Spectre, a red haired ghostly lumberjack. Sightings report seeing him not only on the side of the road, but also in the backseat cars.
  3. Texas – In Southern Texas, there is the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, where patients whose deaths were caused by neglect or medical error reportedly roam the hallways.
  4. Washington – The Old Stone House in Washington is the oldest structure in D.C still on its original foundation. Numerous visitors have reported being ‘choked’ by a ghoul named George.
  5. Oklahoma – The Sacred Heart Mission and Cemetery can be found in Konawa, once a thriving institution, it burned down in 1901, killing several children. It’s thought their spirits still haunt the premises.
  6. Pennsylvania – John Wister, a merchant and wine importer, was killed by a British army General in Grumblethorpe Avenue in 1744. He is said to haunt the house where his blood stains still remain.
  7. Iowa – The Villisca Ax Murder House has been voted as one of the most haunted properties in America. In 1912, two adults and six children were found murdered in their beds. Even now, the mystery remains unsolved.
  8. Kentucky – Kentucky’s oldest prison in Eddyville was home to the horrifically tortured and executed. There have been reports of orb sightings, the sounds of footsteps, voices and even screaming.
  9. Alaska – In Skagway, Alaska, there is the Red Onion Saloon. The bar, which used to be a brothel, is thought to be haunted by a former madam, Lydia, who leaves the air cold and filled with the smell of perfume.
  10. Colorado – Colorado is home to the Stanley Hotel, which is famously the inspiration behind Stephen King’s horror novel The Shining.

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