Editor’s note: The video report above aired previously on Dec 21, 2017. Two videos that play afterward — extended interviews with Luis Elizondo and John Alexander — were shot in 2019.

MYSTERY WIRE — The man behind Adamantium Real Estate LLC has been revealed.

The company that bought Skinwalker Ranch from Robert Bigelow in 2016 belongs to Brandon Fugal, a commercial real estate mogul who operates out of Salt Lake City.

Vice/Motherboard reporter MJ Banias interviews Fugal in this article published online today:

READ: This is the real estate magnate who bought Skinwalker Ranch, a UFO hotspot

Brandon Fugal

Fugal reveals plenty about his fascination with Skinwalker Ranch, but it’s still not clear why he made the move to buy the property. Perhaps he is seen as a trusted partner by some of the men instrumental in the past exploration and science that has taken place there: Bigelow, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green. The identity of who was behind Adamantium has been a closely held secret up to now.

Mystery Wire’s George Knapp said Tuesday, “I first got to know Brandon Fugal around the time the ranch was sold back in 2016,” Knapp said. “He requested that his name be kept private because of how it might affect his real estate business, and I honored that request. He seemed anxious to learn more about the history of the property and the larger basin as outlined in a book I co-wrote back in 2005.”

Knapp and Dr. Colm A. Kelleher wrote “Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah.”

“Although he didn’t have a lot of first-hand experience investigating paranormal topics when he bought the ranch,” Knapp said, “it was apparent that he’s a bright and energetic person who’s had a lifelong interest in scientific endeavors, so I was hopeful he might pick up the torch from Bob Bigelow and re-establish a scientific inquiry into the weird events that have been reported in the Uintah basin for more than 200 years.  It looks like he’s done that.”

Fugal, 46, is chairman of the Colliers International commercial real estate division. “His name seems connected with nearly every commercial real estate deal in the Intermountain West,” Vice/Motherboard reports. Before Colliers, he co-founded and owned Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors and ran it for 14 years.

The only hint of his interests outside the commercial real estate arena appear on his profile page on Colliers, listing his involvement with Utah Valley University, Utah National Parks and a small foundation that preserves ancient history: the Ancient Historical Research Foundation.

“He’s spent considerable sums upgrading the ranch, its security systems, and other infrastructure,” Knapp said. “He’s consulted with some of the same scientists who were part of the investigations conducted by Robert Bigelow.”

Knapp notes that the first interview with Fugal was included in Jeremy Corbell’s film based on the Skinwalker book, but his identity was withheld at his request.

“Brandon has shared many details, including photos and videos, of events that have occurred on the ranch in the four years he’s owned the property. And he’s allowed me and some colleagues to access the property in order to assist in documenting the ongoing mystery about what is behind the weird events in that area.”

Separate biographical insights come from a 20-minute interview with Nugent Magazine from 2019.

He made $500 in his first year working in commercial real estate after his uncle showed him the possibility of a career path.

Anxious to jump right in after discovering his passion for business before he was out of high school, Fugal credits his father as his greatest mentor. The biography, “Iacocca,” telling the story of Chrysler kingpin Lee Iacocca, fueled his interest in business and working with entrepreneurs. He gravitates toward tech, but sees relationships as more important that any financial success, and he describes building those relationship from bedrock when he approached businesses to start building his own network in commercial real estate.

Evidence of his interests in UFOs and supernatural subjects are nowhere to be found.

But in today’s article, Fugal reveals his involvement in a 2010 project “testing gravitational physics theories involving exotic propulsion and renewable energy,” Vice/Motherboard reports. That would have been just a couple of years after former Senator Harry Reid helped fund studies through AAWSAP. The video below originally aired on Dec 21, 2017:

He also reveals a geeky side: a collection that includes the jacket Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in “The Terminator” and the black robe worn by Marlon Brando in “Superman The Movie.”

He’s also an investor in Axcend Corp., which has developed a device that immediately analyzes and reports on blood samples — tech that could be extremely valuable.

Knapp adds: “Brandon also invited me to be a part of the upcoming  History Channel TV series that focuses on the Skinwalker Ranch, but I had to decline. I’m looking  forward to seeing the program when it airs.

“For a few years after the property was sold, a few conspiracy types insisted that it was all a ruse, that Bigelow was still the real owner, and that Brandon’s company Adamantium was a shell. Now that his name is known and his ownership is confirmed, I’ll be curious to see whether the people who repeatedly made the allegations will admit their errors, though I won’t be holding my breath.”