Spirituality, not religion, finds connection with ‘nones’

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MYSTERY WIRE — What starts as an attempt to explain rejection of traditional religions goes in some unexpected directions. With an extremely broad brush, it designates Americans born between 1981 and 1996 as the “nones” — because they don’t usually identify with a specific religion.

And then the fun begins.

Although it reads in spots like a sociology textbook, Diana Walsh Pasulka’s assessment of human spirituality has a fascinating destination.

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The Tank magazine article — beautifully executed and illustrated — is full of references that keep you moving down a path that leads into ideas you can’t see coming. It’s a dissection of spirituality and the belief system of the “nones,” but it draws parallels to the 2009 movie “Avatar” on levels you probably overlooked when you were munching popcorn and wondering about all that blue makeup.

The summation — a sweeping reference to UFO culture — isn’t as jarring because of all the groundwork that has been presented. You are better prepared to read sections like:

As Carl Jung described almost 70 years ago, the flying saucer was a new symbol for the sacred, a type of technological angel. The UFO is the harbinger of the new cosmology, the non-binary, non-hierarchical monistic spirituality of the nones.

It’s recommended reading for anyone interested in connecting dots that appear in disparate places. And if the dots don’t connect for you right away, there’s a sequel to “Avatar” on the way.

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