Sychronicity can be puzzling, satisfying, and sometimes a trap


MYSTERY WIRE — Did you ever feel the world around you align to something that matters in your life at the moment?

Put it a different way: Someone close to you was in a car crash, and then it seemed like all you heard about was crashes in the news. Things come in threes … and sometimes in bigger batches.

Stephanie Quick’s blog, “Ghost Dog is a Mystery Box,” touches on this common experience:

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These synchronicities in life can be astonishing, and sometimes overwhelming when they are negative.

“Psychic influencing” manifests in many different ways. And at times, it can seem like a solution to a problem. Then again, controlling your situation by simply taking charge and getting to work on a problem is often the best approach, the blog reminds us.

With a laundry list of warnings, Quick offers a link to a post from early 2019 in which she lays out the five steps to inducing a synchronicity.

I always recommend that people develop a plan to return to the mundane prior to embarking on any journey as a psychonaut.

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