The conscious mind: How science is trying to solve the mystery

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MYSTERY WIRE — Consciousness is a puzzle that scientists might need help explaining. Chemistry, biology and psychology have brought us this far, but some other areas of science might be keys to unlocking secrets we don’t know about how the mind works.

One of those areas is quantum theory. But scientists seem very wary of making connections between the two.

Why? Because they don’t understand either one well enough to know where the investigation might lead.

A good investigation of the dilemmas appears in an article from BBC:

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Physics strives to explain our physical world in “laws” … theories that explain conditions as constants — predictable and stable within a set of rules that tell us how A and B are related. Quantum theory turns that on its ear.

Every line of thought on the relationship of consciousness to physics runs into deep trouble.

Adrian Kent, respected as a “quantum philosopher”

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We interviewed researcher Dean Radin in 1997 about consciousness and quantum theory. He has a favorite quote:

What we know mainly about consciousness is it has more to do with the head than it does with the foot.

Nick Herbert, physicist

While quantum mechanics delves into explaining the smallest known particles of matter, it still seems like those particles ought to explain the tiny building blocks in a way that explains everything about atoms, molecules, cells and living organisms.

But there’s no proof that’s where the answer lies.

Consciousness could be another puzzle altogether

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