The zombie apocalypse just got real


If you live in fear of a zombie apocalypse, there’s a new reason to lose sleep. And this one is based on science.

Arizona State University’s Dr. Athena Aktipis cites the growing danger of parasites in our lives and the possibility of brain infection. And that’s how it starts.

Because, as we all know, parasites are the major cause of zombies.

Learning lessons from insects, Aktipis points to ants and their vulnerability to a parisitic fungus. The fungus turns them into zombies.

Humans have no protection in such a scenario, and Aktipis points to the fact that half of all the animal life on Earth falls into the realm of parasites. All the ingredients for the apocalypse are already in place.

But Aktipis is on it.

She is chairing the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting, and she is podcasting (Zombified) to keep us all informed.

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