MYSTERY WIRE — Tracie Austin was born in England in the mid 1960s and attended college in London before studying at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as a concert pianist. This is where her interest in UFOs began. Austin says it was here where she witnessed a UFO.

By the late 80s she was living in her hometown of Staffordshire teaching piano. This is where she says she had her second daylight sighting of a UFO in the late 90s.

However, this time she was not alone in the sighting. Several other people say they also say a black, boomerang shaped object that day. This sighting and her telling of it drew the attention of the BBC television network and included Austin in a documentary called Over the Moon.

From this point on she was involved in UFO conferences, radio appearances, articles in local newspapers, and invitations to speak on the subject at various organizations.

Tracie Austin has also authored two books. Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada details ghost accounts in the Silver State. Her more recent book, Alien Encounters in the Western United States details nine alien abduction accounts which include one story about the removal of an “alien implant.”

Austin was also the host of the award winning TV show Let’s Talk Paranormal in the United States.