MYSTERY WIRE — A video posted on the website offers an inside look at the CIA’s participation in the study of paranormal abilities.

Dr. Kit Green recounts part of the CIA research that focused on Geller, who was an enlisted paratrooper in the Israeli army at the time. An Israeli intelligence officer contacted the CIA about Geller.

Green, who was working for the CIA in Langley, Virginia, at the time, was brought in to investigate Geller’s apparent ability to “alter highly sophisticated electronics, including imaging electronics, at will.”

“The word ‘psychic’ didn’t appear for a long time with Geller,” Green recalls.

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Green talked about “remote viewing” and his experience on a phone call with Geller. The conversation went something like this:

Scientist: He can see things at a distance.
Green: No he can’t
Scientist: Yes he can.
Green: No he can’t
Scientist: Well, he’s right here. Say hi to Uri Geller.
Green: Hi, Uri
Geller: Hi, Kit
Green: Well, what can you see?

Hal Puthoff, who worked at the Stanford Research Institute and was in the room with Geller, recounts the conversation from the other end of the phone line. Green said he would put something on his desk, and see if Uri “can get it.”

Green took a book of illustrations of the human nervous system. He opened it to a page showing a cross-section of the human brain, with the words “Architecture of viral infection” scrawled across the top of the page.

Geller sketched what he described as “a pan of scrambled eggs” and wrote “Architecture” on it.

Puthoff said, “There were others like that we did that we’ve never published. But it certainly convinced us that he has ability.” He added that the experiments weren’t published because of direct CIA involvement.

Another example of the Stanford experiments involving Geller are outlined in a video on the Internet archive site Experiments with Uri Geller. The 30-minute video describes a 5-week experiment.

A short biography of Geller appears here, with mention of an encounter with a sphere of light in the family garden at the age of 4. His powers surfaced when he was 5 years old.