Well known haunted house goes up for sale


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MYSTERY WIRE — How would you like to be the new owner of a beautiful home with an attached restaurant in an historic community on the Pacific coast? One thing though, it may be haunted.

The home known as Stokes Adobe in Monterey, California has hit the market. It is currently listed for $2,975,000 as a 7,368 square foot retail building.

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The San Francisco Gate wrote about the home recently and noted the Stokes Adobe was built in 1833. Originally it was a single room home. The original owners sold the home to James Stokes in 1837.

The Gate added that, “James Stokes is a man with a murky past. Some have said Stokes was a British sailor who deserted upon arrival in California (not an uncommon origin story for the few pre-Gold Rush Anglo settlers in the state).” 

The story of his death, and subsequent haunting are mixed. Some say More he jumped ship with a stolen chest of medical supplies while posing as a doctor. Only to settle in Monterey and soon becoming the town’s top doctor. In 1835 he was called to bedside of California governor José Figueroa. Figueroa later died under Stokes’ care.

He and his wife, named either Josefa, Josefina or Maria, had 14 children between them leading Stokes to add seven more rooms and a second floor in 1844. But just 11 years later, his wife died, followed by her eldest son by drowning.

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The San Francisco Gate writes, “On the evening of September 27, 1864, James Stokes alarmed the family with his erratic behavior. He was drunk and “partly insane,” the Monterey Gazette reported, when his sons Manuel and Domingo stepped in to prevent him from leaving the home. The Gazette would later report that for two days, he’d been in “such a state of mental debility from excessive indulgence in liquors,” his family feared he would take his own life. They had reason to fear it: At 6 o’clock, when his sons’ backs were turned, Stokes downed a lethal dose of strychnine and was dead within 15 minutes.”

The home stayed empty for a while, but by 1950, it had become a restaurant called Gallatin’s. It was a fancy place with customers such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bob Hope. Most recently is was named Restaurant 1833.

“You walk in and it’s unlike any other building. It’s rich in heritage and there’s nothing you can compare to it. You get the feeling once you walk in, I don’t know quite how to explain it.”

Cicily Sterling, Listing agent

As far as the haunting, the Gate found there are tales of James and Josefa Stokes stalking the home’s halls, and sometimes some high-flying spirits from the adobe’s Gallatin’s days.

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