Witchcraft growing in popularity, entering US mainstream


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MYSTERY WIRE — Interest in witchcraft has been growing, and it’s not just in the realm of secret covens. Witchcraft isn’t hiding anymore.

There are witch “influencers” on social media, Facebook groups, and even book deals for the authentic practitioners. You might even say witchcraft is fashionable.

Indeed, that’s among the points in a new article from The Atlantic:

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The article describes witchcraft’s rises and retreats in history, and attributes some current activity to a rise in feminism and political activism.

Central to The Atlantic’s report is the openness of Juliet Diaz, who holds Spirit Guides Magazine’s title: Best Witch. Diaz tells how she made a life, raising herself out of poverty with spellcasting and business acumen. You might be surprised how much a good witch can make.

Diaz also has a YouTube channel.

The Wicca faith has spread in the United States, but not all witches consider themselves pagan or Wiccan. A report released in 2014 by the Pew Research Center estimated 730,000 Americans associate with pagan or Wiccan faith.

And the conditions fueling interest in witchcraft have grown rapidly since 2014.

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The same trends that drive Millennials and younger generations toward New Age spirituality also contribute to the rapid decline of mainline Protestantism in the U.S.


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