MYSTERY WIRE — An 83-year-old Ukrainian woman who had been declared dead for 10 hours inexplicably came back to life as her family planned her funeral, according to a report on Coast to Coast AM.

Ksenia Didukh’s story has been called a “miracle of resurrection” and her experience of crossing over and how she came back provide yet one more account of awareness beyond death.

READ: Ukrainian woman comes back to life 10 hours after being declared dead

The story was initially reported on Ukrainian TV, in a video that is available on YouTube. An additional report from Britain’s indicates that the woman had actually slipped into a coma and paramedics thought she had died.

The woman’s recollection of the details of what happened in between is a reminder of the debate about consciousness in various states — in life, in death and somewhere in between.

At some point during the ordeal, Didukh vividly recalled, she ‘crossed over’ into a realm that she described as the kingdom of heaven. The woman even revealed that she was beckoned to stay in the afterlife by the voice of her late father. Why, exactly, she wound up returning to the Earthly plane is uncertain as Didukh merely mused that ‘apparently God had mercy on me.’

Excerpt from Coast to Coast AM report

Some answers may lie in research done in the area of near-death experiences.

John Alexander, former Lt. Colonel in Army Intelligence. In recent years, Alexander has traveled the globe investigating psychic healing, shamanic experiences, and altered states of consciousness.
Dr. Dean Radin, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, considered one of the world’s premier scientific  investigators of psychic abilities.