Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum closes as COVID-19 fight escalates

The Haunted Museum

The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

MYSTERY WIRE — The Haunted Museum closed its doors on Monday to do its part in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Less than 48 hours later, all “non-essential” businesses in the city closed on the orders of Nevada governor Steve Sisolak.

A statement on reads:

As we continue to deal with the growing coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the safety of both our staff and guests that share Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is our most important focus.
We have made the decision to close temporarily beginning Monday, March 16th, as a precaution to protect the health of our staff and guests while also taking important measures to prevent the spreading of coronavirus.
We are proud to be an award-winning part of supporting the Las Vegas community and will return to delivering our unique experience as soon as possible.

Bagans, a paranormal investigator and host of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, keeps haunted treasures in the museum. The building itself is reportedly haunted. Bagans and his team of co-investigators explore haunted locations, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings. Then they go face to face with supernatural entities in an effort to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal and discover the truth, according to publicity material.

Built in 1938, the house was originally owned by prominent businessman Cyril S. Wengert, who helped build what is now NV Energy. The home was used as an office for the State Bar of Nevada during the 1970s, and is on the Las Vegas Historic Properties Register.

Through the years, hostile spirits — family members who passed away there and whose energy remains — have been rumored to roam the halls terrorizing past occupants. Some longtime Las Vegans even claim dark rituals took place in the home’s basement during the 1970s, according to

The Dybbuk Box, known as the world’s most haunted object, is kept at the museum. This vintage wine cabinet inspired the movie The Possession and is said to house a malicious spirit.

Bagans continues to add items to his collection, including the 2019 acquisition of the “ghost trap” from the movie franchise, “Ghostbusters.” He paid $310,000 for the item, according to TMZ.

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