1,000 years in space, and more daunting barriers to humanity’s survival

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MYSTERY WIRE — The barriers to space travel are falling every day. Private industry is launching rockets, plans for “space hotels” are approaching reality and humans are setting their sights on Mars.

In that context, a program called “Breakthrough Starshot” seems like another crazy new initiative that really could work. The program aims to propel tiny “nanocrafts” across the universe, using beams of light to send them out to explore far beyond where rocket fuel can take us.

An article on OneZero looks at how that might someday scale to efforts to save humanity by colonizing other worlds.

Scientists are contemplating a 1,000-year space mission to save humanity” tells us: not so fast. But the reasons are not the same old sci-fi plots, or lamentations about the durability of the human psyche. Corin Faife’s article really is a must-read:

A resonating quote: “Ultimately, to survive we will need to relocate.”

Those words are a powerful reminder that no matter the barriers, this is a journey the human race must embrace.

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