Chocolate chip cookies from space arrive on Earth

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MYSTERY WIRE — A batch of chocolate chip cookies baked in space arrived on Earth last week.

Let the taste test begin!

Not so fast … there’s science to do first. But the results will come out soon enough to tell us everything about the five cookies that somehow didn’t get eaten fresh out of the zero-gravity oven aboard the International Space Station.

Among the answers we’re looking for: What do they look like? What do they smell like? And how did the ultra-high-altitude cooking directions hold up? Was the first cookie as good as the last cookie? So many questions.

The first food baked in space is going straight to the lab after riding home on a returning SpaceX Dragon capsule.

The experiment was highly publicized in early November when the equipment and the cookie dough were rocketed to ISS. The specially designed oven is small, only big enough to do one cookie at a time.

Experiment sponsor Hilton Doubletree promises answers soon.

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