Come closer, Earthlings: A theory on how first contact will wait

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MYSTERY WIRE — Been there, done that.

Among the theories flailed about in an article titled “Aliens could have explored the galaxy and visited Earth already, scientists, say“:

  • Maybe aliens are postponing contact with us until we get closer. As star systems orbit the center of the galaxy, we are transported (over millions of years) closer to other star systems.
  • The life expectancy of a civilization is much less than the time required for us to significantly narrow that distance gap.
  • Aliens aren’t necessarily drawn to planets that already have established lifeforms. That trait might be unique to a conquering species like homo sapiens.

The article touches quickly on a number of other theories, including the belief that maybe aliens have already been here — just not on our schedule.

The Fermi Paradox provides the springboard to the discussion. (The Fermi Paradox: the conflict between an expectation of a high probability of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and the apparently lifeless universe we in fact observe.)

After a discussion of the sheer numbers of possible Earth-like planets, the article points out that “concluding that none of those planets hold life would be like looking at a pool-sized amount of ocean water and finding no dolphins, then deciding that the entire ocean has no dolphins.”

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