Enormous black hole defies current scientific theories

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Editor’s note: Further review of the data has determined that the accuracy of this report is flawed. Additional information on Space.com.

MYSTERY WIRE — Scientists have found a black hole that is almost three times bigger than than believed possible. And it’s on our side of the galaxy.

Current theories predict black holes like the one recently discovered by a Chinese-led team of scientists shouldn’t have a mass greater than 25 times the mass of our sun. But calculations put this new one at 68 times the mass of our sun.

Imagine a star 8 times the size of the sun being drawn into the black hole. The star, LB-1, is orbiting the black hole once every 79 days.

Space.com provides more detail here: “This Newfound Monster Black Hole Is Too Big for Theories to Handle.”

Also see NASA’s information center on black holes. And see our story about NASA’s “Black Hole Friday,” including links to NASA’s educational articles:

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