Female astronauts make history with spacewalk

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Christina Koch and Jessica Meir on their milestone spacewalk. (NASA)

An all-female spacewalk by two NASA astronauts made headlines on Friday when Christina Koch and Jessica Meir went outside the International Space Station on an otherwise routine mission.

On the ground, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine took the opportunity to promote the upcoming mission to the moon by the Artemis program, which will send the first woman to the moon in 2024.

Koch and Meir stepped into space at 4:38 a.m. Pacific time to replace a faulty power unit, NASA announced online as it showed live video of the action. The station is about 254 miles above Earth.

According to Reuters, President Donald Trump congratulated the two “brave, brilliant women” and mistakenly lauded them as the first women to step outside the space station, prompting a gentle correction from Meir.

“We don’t want to take too much credit, because there have been many other female space-walkers before us. This is just the first time that there have been two women outside at the same time,” Meir, the 15th woman to conduct a spacewalk, responded.

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