MYSTERY WIRE — The United States Space Force has a new recruiting campaign that debuted on YouTube this week.

“Guardians Wanted” is the new recruiting slogan for the nation’s newest military branch. Space Force is described as a separate branch of the military but within Air Force.

According to reports, Space Force is headquartered in the Pentagon and is an independent branch of the military within the Air Force. It has its own chief of space operations, four-star General Jay Raymond, who serves as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff like the heads of the other branches.

General Jay Raymond (video still: YouTube)

The Army used a similar slogan, “Warriors Wanted”, in a recruiting campaign that began in 2018.

On the Air Force’s Space Force home page you also see the slogan, “The Sky is Not the Limit”. Space Force also has its own home page here.

The six minute video shows the high-tech environment promised to recruits joining the Space Force. It also has several testimonies from current Guardians.

Space Force has also revealed a new motto, in Latin similar to other branches. The motto is “Semper Supra” which means “always above”.

Here is a partial list of other military recruiting slogans:

  • Air Force
    “Aim High”
  • Army
    “Warriors Wanted”
    “Be All You Can Be”
  • Navy
    “You and the Navy. Full Speed Ahead”
    “It’s Not Just a Job. It’s an Adventure”
  • Marines
    “The Few, The Proud”
    “We’re Looking for a Few Good Men”