Large meteor falls to earth over southern Norway

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In this photo released by the Norwegian Meteor Network, a view of an unusually large meteor visible in Oslo, Sunday, July 25, 2021, giving a powerful flash of light over Eastern Norway. The Norwegian Meteor Network said that it had analyzed and reviewed the unusually large meteor that visible over large parts of southern Scandinavia and illuminated southeast Norway with a powerful flash of light on Sunday.(Norwegian Meteor Network / NTB via AP)

MYSTERY WIRE — A strong flash of light from a large meteorite was seen over parts of southern Norway on Saturday night.

One eyewitness described it as a big light that looked like a plane on fire.

“It went out and then there was white smoke,” said Arne Walberg.

“A few seconds passed before I heard a thump and a small tremor on the ground. I didn’t quite understand what it was right away.”

The meteorite has received enormous interest and the hunt for the mysterious rock from space is underway.

“It’s really not often that we get Norwegian meteorites. It is rare and it is very valuable for research,” said Vegard Lundby Rekaa, Astronomer from the Norwegian Meteor Network.

Professionals hope to be able to use the stone for further research.

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