NASA missions to Mars, Titan part of big plans over next decade

Space Science

This illustration shows NASA’s Dragonfly rotorcraft-lander approaching a site on Saturn’s exotic moon, Titan. (Credits: NASA/JHU-APL)

MYSTERY WIRE — NASA’s to-do list is off the charts for the decade ahead.

A list of 22 big projects detailed by shows that NASA is thinking far beyond Artemis, the name of the moon mission that intends to put a woman on the moon.

Mars, Jupiter and the sun figure into new explorations. The moon could become a launch point, and the manufacture of fuel might even happen there.

A couple of the most fascinating projects you might not have heard about:

  • Plans for a nuclear powered helicopter called Dragonfly, which will journey to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.
  • All kinds of telescopes will add to our knowledge of the universe, including the European Space Agency’s Euclid telescope, which will explore dark matter.
  • Psyche, a dead planet, is the target of a probe that will travel to, arriving in 2026.

That’s barely scratching the surface. See the full report here.

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